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Giboshi Hill Hostas

Numerous horticultural societies have toured our gardens over the years such as the societies from Brighton, Bowmanville, Cobourg, Millbrook and Omemee. There have been 2 bus tours arranged by Frank Kershaw out of Toronto visiting our gardens. We are also members of the Ontario Hosta Society and the American Hosta Society and have had the OHS here twice as our guests for a tour and a picnic. If you would like to arrange a group tour, please contact us;  small groups are welcome any time we are open.

Kevin and Olga discovered hostas in 1994 and soon found that there were more than just the blue one, the green one and the green and white one. As they found more of them in the nurseries, they began to add more hostas to the landscape; the lawn eventually being taken over by hosta gardens with only grass walking strips in between.

Kevin joined the Ontario Hosta Society in 2002 hoping it would satisfy his craving, but it just turned him into a hosta-holic.

They both joined the American Hosta Society in 2004 and attended the AHS Convention in 2005 in Ohio, USA.  Seeing the amazing hosta gardens at the convention just added fuel to their hosta fire. The hosta collection skyrocketed from there and so did the idea of selling hostas. In 2009 Kevin and Olga began selling strictly hostas and now own a full time hosta business.