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Hosta Image
Hosta Description

This hosta was discovered by Bill Meyer as an unlabeled mutant in a garden centre. It now appears it may be a sport of Leola Fraim. It is reminescent of a little girl with long curly locks twirling around on a merry go round, her hair waving in the wind. This delightfully fun hosta has extremely ruffled cream colored margins extending from the tip of each green leaf all the way down the petiole to the crown. This ruffled margin is evident even in the juvenile stage. Even when it it is just coming out of the ground in spring, its curly nature stands out making you wonder "is that a hosta coming up?" Not overly fast growing but well worth the wait. Excellent substance. Light lavender flowers on purple scapes.

12 inches high x 28 inches wide
Fragrant Flowers
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